We’ve grown a bit!

We’ve been a little preoccupied lately. We welcomed our third child, Leonidas Rae in April after a long and trying pregnancy. Since his arrival into the world things have been so busy! Having three kids is crazy! Camren & Riley have fully grown into the roll of big brother and sister, and we couldn’t be more proud!

I feel right back at home with another baby. I truly truly enjoy the world of having a newborn/baby. Toddlers on the other hand are NOT my forte. Probably because they can talk back :-O.

I think Tyler is still adjusting to the new addition. I can tell that he’s uncomfortable, and I think that it stresses him a bit. Tyler has also gone back to working, doing a construction type field. I think that he really enjoys the work, but not necessarily working for someone else.

We are still pushing forward with our mission to aid all Veterans & military in their reintegration process, ailments, and issues. We are so passionate about helping those who have served overcome the demons of war. To aid us in doing this, we’ve created a couple of different avenues! We have created a store, which I will post the link to at the bottom.

We also have a group on facebook! If you would like help, or would like help serving those who have served please ask to join our group. There is help available. It does work. You CAN have your life back.

store: http://www.squareup.com/store/essentialoilhustle


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