Some quotes will stick with me forever

I meet a man today, I won’t say his name for the sake of his privacy.  I guessed he was a veteran because of the person that referred him to us.  After talking for a brief while I found out he was a Vietnam Veteran and was struggling with some back pain.  He said that they got hit [in an explosion] while he was carrying an injured friend to safety, he was hurt but his friend was in a pretty bad situation.  He said that the VA does a great deal to help him with his mental health and side effects from agent orange, but he recently went to the VA for back pain and they are not able to help him.  I gave him and inquisitive look and he said something that struck me like a ton of bricks, it made me really understand that for every problem a veteran deals with there may be dozens more that go unreported and untreated.   The VA told him that they didn’t have any record of a back issue being reported, to which his response was, “my friends were bleeding out and dying all around me, I didn’t think it was a good use of resources for me to complain about my back hurting.”

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